Morocho the Brave: The Canine Hero Who Risked it All to Rescue Two Girls

Morocho, the famous Dogo who is known for rescuing two young girls and fighting a Puma, once again proved his bravery. This incident happened when Ulises, the grandson of Morocho’s creator, went to La Cocha for some work with his daughter Sofa, who was just 10 years old. Everything was going smoothly until Sofa and Yoli, the daughter of the foreman Tomas, asked if they could visit a massive fig tree located 700 yards away from the main house to collect and eat some delicious figs. Yoli climbed to the top of the tree where the tastiest figs were found. However, she soon discovered that others had already climbed the tree before her. As Yoli was climbing down from the tree, she heard the sound of rustling leaves and swinging branches. It was Morocho, who had come to protect the girls from any harm.

Unknowingly, the tree Yoli was near served as a home to a puma, also known as a mountain lion or cougar. As she glanced upwards, she witnessed a massive puma leaping down from the higher branches. The ferocious animal swiped at the child with its paw and sent her tumbling two meters down to a lower landing. Ulises’ prized Dogo Argentino, Morocho, had been following them around their property and playfully wagging his tail. Hearing the girls’ screams, he bravely confronted the puma and put his life in danger in order to protect them. Upon hearing the commotion, Yoli’s father ran to the scene. Tomas Bracamonte, who arrived shortly after, initially thought it was a snake before rushing over to help. Fortunately, Morocho was still alive despite sustaining terrible injuries, and the puma eventually left. Thanks to Morocho’s bravery, the two young girls were able to survive the attack. His heroic actions have astounded millions worldwide, and we are grateful for our furry angels who watch over us all. Please share this story with your friends!

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