“My Tears Flow When I Rescue a Bait Dog: Unloved, Unwanted, and Forgotten”

It breaks my heart when I see dogs that have been unloved, unwanted, dumped, and left to fend for themselves. Recently, I came across one such dog who had been used as bait and then discarded like trash. It was a heartbreaking sight to see him curled up on a garbage dump. After a few days of searching, we finally found him, accompanied by a female dog who seemed to be watching over him. She led me to him, and we were able to rescue both of them. I couldn’t leave the girl behind, and I am glad we were able to save them both. It is hard for me to write about this without crying because of all that he has endured. This is one of the worst abuse cases that I have personally encountered. The poor dog had almost all his teeth pulled out, and the remaining ones were filed down. He had gaping wounds that were sewn up crudely by hand, and he was covered in ticks the size of dimes. I am grateful to Amanda Hulebak and Reggie’s Friends for helping us rescue these dogs. It is thanks to their support that we can continue to help animals in need. You can watch the video below to see their rescue. Thank you to Animal Rescue for sharing this story and raising awareness of animal abuse and neglect. Let’s work together to ensure that no animal has to suffer like this again.

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