Purrfect Pair: The Heartwarming Story of a Kitten’s Rescue and Unexpected Friendship

A family from Japan discovered an abandoned 3-day-old kitten in need of help and decided to adopt it. The family named the adorable kitten Koma and provided it with an unexpected companion during its upbringing. It’s important to note that Koma was found in such a young state that its eyes were not yet fully developed.


According to Mai Narushima, when Koma was a mere three days old, he had no one but himself. However, Narushima and her family adopted him into their family, and they decided to document his growth over the next few weeks. They came up with the idea of using an Ultraman figurine as a companion for Koma since it was almost the same size as the kitten. They placed the figurine next to Koma, creating the impression that the legendary Japanese superhero was keeping an eye on him.


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Koma has had a tiring day full of playtime and finally cuddles up with Ultraman for a peaceful nap.


Koma quickly outgrew his companions, becoming much larger than them.



Observing him while he dozes off.




Koma, the feline, has become so enormous that not even Ultraman can give him a full hug with his arms.


It has been nearly 12 months since the small cat was found and given a loving home with a devoted friend.



Let’s celebrate Koma’s first year of life with some birthday fun!


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