Purrfect Surprise: Cleaner Finds Mother Cat and 4 Kittens in Abandoned Basement

During the process of tidying up an unoccupied house, an individual unexpectedly uncovered a mother cat along with her quartet of tiny kittens snuggled into a wash basket positioned in the cellar.

cat nursing kittens

A kind-hearted person, who was assigned to clean an empty house, stumbled upon Goldie, a mother cat, and her four little ones. The feline family was confined in a laundry basket located in the basement of the house, with no food or water around. Upon discovering the cats, Lori White, a member of the Alliance for Responsible Pet Ownership (ARPO) in Indiana, was contacted to help. Unfortunately, it is unclear how long the cats were stuck in the house as the property was locked with a lockbox.

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Lori White stumbled upon a litter of four precious kittens with their mother in a laundry basket in the basement of an abandoned house. It was evident that the feline family was in desperate need of assistance and a safe place to raise their young. Without hesitation, Lori brought them into her home where she could provide food and shelter for the mother cat. Though the tabby was malnourished and starving, she was ecstatic to have a clean environment and plentiful food to nourish her babies. After filling her belly to the brim, she carefully inspected her new surroundings before settling in to feed her four adorable kittens. Lori continued to search for a rescue center that would accept the furry family, determined to find them the best possible care.

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Goldie is an amazing mama cat who’s been taking great care of her little ones. They appear to be in tip-top shape, which is a testament to the love and attention Goldie has provided. A kind-hearted local came across the kittens and quickly got in touch with the nearby animal shelter. Thankfully, ARPO stepped up to rescue them. Lori, a representative from ARPO, expressed her appreciation to the person who brought the kittens to their attention, recognizing their concern for the kittens’ safety.

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Upon arrival, the friendly tabby cat immediately explored her new surroundings. Her adorable snack time call to her kittens filled the room with purrs and suckling sounds, creating a heartwarming moment captured in the cute video linked below featuring Goldie the cat and her kittens. Lori was pleasantly surprised to find out that all four kittens were female orange tabbies. In homage to the beloved characters from the show The Golden Girls, Lori named the kittens Rose, Sophia, Dorothy, and Blanche, while their mother became known as Goldie. Lori also pointed out that the rarity of having four female ginger cats is quite uncommon, as only about 20% of gingers are female, making this little feline family even more special.

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Meet Mama Goldie, a cute and cuddly furry friend who unfortunately doesn’t have a microchip, and despite no one coming forward to retrieve her, she’s found a loving home with a family of five. Alongside her four energetic and playful quadruplets, they’ve settled in nicely and will never go hungry again. The adorable quadruplets are always on the lookout for adventure, but it’s Dorothy who craves attention and affection from any nearby humans.

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Lori White
These tiny creatures are full of life, always eager to explore and discover new things, which often results in mischief that keeps their mother on her toes. Goldie is a remarkable nurturer, attending to their needs with tenderness and affection.

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In spite of being five weeks old, the kittens have a penchant for nursing from their mother every opportunity they get. Lori White adds that Goldie, the mother cat, takes good care of her little ones and keeps them well-fed, as evidenced by their adorable plump tummies. Lastly, Lori shares how thrilled Goldie is to have a warm and comfortable home and kind individuals to assist in taking care of her precious brood.

cat nursing kittens

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