“Remarkable Feline Resilience: Injured Cat Overcomes Adversity to Pay Homage to Life-Saving Shelter”

The Flaunt Your Feline Contest has chosen Mama Mia as one of the finalists. Mama Mia is a rescue cat who takes care of her three kittens named Ravioli, Tortellini, and Gelato.

Mama Mia the Cat

Wow, can you believe the incredible journey this adorable rescue cat has been on? Mama Mia, as she’s affectionately called, was found in a dire situation back in June. She was brought into the Highland County Humane Society as a stray with her three little kittens (Gelato, Ravioli, and Tortellini), and it was clear that she had been through a lot.

The staff at the rural Virginia shelter believe that Mama Mia was hit by a car, which resulted in multiple fractures that didn’t heal properly. To make matters worse, a vet examination revealed that she had also been shot with pellets. Despite all of this adversity, however, the team at Highland County Humane Society was determined to save her life.

To ensure that Mama Mia’s kittens had a loving mother to care for them, the shelter made the tough decision to amputate her pellet-filled back leg. Now, Mama Mia is recovering nicely in a foster home with Ravioli and Tortellini, while Gelato has already found his forever family. Although she still has a long road ahead of her, this brave and resilient mother cat is not giving up any time soon.

MamaMia Shelter

Mama Mia, who is currently recovering from her amputation, is participating in the Flaunt Your Feline contest organized by Royal Canin and GreaterGood.org. The competition aims to honor feline heroes and promote GreaterGood.org’s FelineFoster.org initiative by inviting fosters and adopters to share their innovative stories. Mama Mia, a beneficiary of a shelter that saved her life, is striving to secure the $5,000 prize for the organization. The contest has shortlisted its finalists, including Mama Mia, and supporters can now vote for their favorite cat until August 5th at 11:59 p.m.

Mama Mia with Kittens

The competition is offering two lucky winners an incredible opportunity to receive a personalized consultation from Jackson Galaxy, along with a $5,000 animal welfare grant donated by The Jackson Galaxy Project and sponsored by the US Animal Health Business of Boehringer Ingelheim. Additionally, the winners will receive a year’s supply of premium cat nutrition and a consultation with Kitten Lady Hannah Shaw from Royal Canin. Even if Mama Mia doesn’t win, she is already a winner in her own right. Thanks to the love and care provided by her foster family, she is now living in a comfortable and safe environment while also taking steps towards finding a loving home for herself and her adorable kittens, Ravioli and Tortellini. If you’re interested in giving Mama Mia or any of her kittens a forever home, please check out the Highland County Humane Society website for more information.

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