Rescued Pals: The Inspiring Story of Notorious the Paralyzed Dog and Shady the Blind Companion, Celebrating the Value of Adopting Pets in Need

Cheyeanne Murphy believes that her furry companions have played a significant role in improving her life. Though they may not have saved her life in the literal sense, they have undoubtedly prevented her from heading down a dark path. A decade ago, Cheyeanne’s world was turned upside down as her mother passed away after she was diagnosed with cancer. At the time, Cheyeanne was engrossed in her business, working long hours to achieve someone else’s dream. However, her mother’s illness and eventual death served as a wakeup call for Cheyeanne. She realized that life is unpredictable, and nothing is guaranteed.

In the words of Cheyeanne, her mother’s death was a double-edged sword – the best and the worst thing that ever happened to her. Although some might find this statement unpleasant, it was her way of expressing how losing her mom at a young age taught her the importance of living in the present moment. Eventually, with the help of her dogs – Cash, Notorious, and Shady- she found a way out of the dark pit of grief and started rebuilding her life. This involved making some major changes such as switching careers, relocating, and ending a long-term relationship. For an entire year, she focused on rediscovering herself, her true desires, and what really mattered in life. Above all, she wanted to be happy and bring happiness to others. According to Cheyeanne, this is a realistic goal that can be achieved with determination and the right mindset.

Cheyeanne’s first rescue pet, Notorious, became a part of her life after her mother passed away. Notorious was also Cheyeanne’s first pet with a disability, and she discovered the pup on Facebook after her sister sent her a link. She was immediately drawn to the little dog who was running around in the snow, even though she was not able to use her back legs and had no control over her bladder. Despite her concerns about adopting a special needs animal, Cheyeanne could not get the dog out of her mind. She applied for adoption and finally welcomed Notorious into her home a few months later. Notorious had a lot of spunk and firecracker despite her disability, and Cheyeanne couldn’t have been happier with her decision to adopt her.

In Spokane, WA, there is a dog named Notorious who has been with her owner for eight years. Despite being nine or ten years old, she is still spunky and enjoys running 5Ks in her wheelchair. Her owner, Cheyeanne, shares that Notorious has no fear and takes the lead when off-leash. Even though Notorious is disabled, she does not realize it, and Cheyeanne does not feel the need to tell her. Shady, Cheyeanne’s other dog, was an immediate love at first sight for both of them. Shady had no trouble trusting and loving everyone from the start, which made her different from most shelter pets who need time to adjust to their new owners and lives. Cheyeanne was keen on adopting another “unadoptable” rescue, so she initially thought that Shady might not be the right fit for her. However, after meeting Shady, Cheyeanne quickly fell in love with her adorable and affectionate personality. The rescue told Cheyeanne that Shady was a special needs dog and would be harder to adopt because people typically want an animal that serves some kind of purpose.

After being hit by a car and losing both of her eyes, Shady was surrendered to a vet by her previous owners. Despite the vets’ best efforts, only one eye could be reattached, leaving Shady with limited vision and making her less desirable for adoption due to her senior age. However, Cheyeanne saw past these obstacles and decided to welcome Shady into her home. Cheyeanne is thrilled with her decision, as Shady has proven to be an incredibly adaptable and friendly dog who loves everyone – from men and women to kids, dogs, and cats alike.

Cheyeanne’s love for music runs deep, so much so that she has named all her dogs after famous musicians. The first pup she called Cash, after the legendary Johnny Cash, the second one was named Notorious in honor of The Notorious B.I.G, and lastly, Shady is named after Slim Shady aka Eminem. Music has been a constant source of comfort and inspiration during Cheyeanne’s toughest times, reminding her that she is not alone in her struggles. She regards it as a fundamental part of her everyday life, which is why she chose to name her furry companions after musical icons, always reminding them that they too could become great in their own unique way. These senior rescue dogs may have their own set of challenges, such as Notorious’ occasional bladder control issues and Shady’s tendency to lose track of direction when swimming, but they’re still able to give Cheyeanne a sense of purpose and joy. Though finding dog sitters can be quite a challenge, Cheyeanne is still grateful for the happiness and light her dogs bring into her life.

Despite the difficulties that come with owning pets like Notorious and Shady, there are definitely some perks that make it all worth it. Cheyeanne points out that one of the advantages is that these furry friends can’t climb onto furniture, which is pretty great. Notorious and Shady have accompanied Cheyeanne on countless outdoor excursions, including paddleboarding, hiking, and even running races. Shady gets to ride in a backpack for the longer treks, and both dogs absolutely adore encountering wildlife and making new friends along the way.

Cheyeanne found solace and hope in the company of her rescue dogs, Notorious and Shady. These furry friends taught her the value of living life and cherishing its little joys. Despite their difficult pasts, they wake up every day with a happy spirit that pulled Cheyeanne out of her dark place and gave her something to focus on. Instead of dwelling on pity, she drew inspiration from their resilience and positivity. Cheyeanne hopes that her story will motivate others to adopt rescue pets, especially those who are senior or have disabilities. Although they may require extra effort, the reward of giving them a second chance at life is immeasurable. By opening their hearts and homes to these animals, people can experience the joy and fulfillment that comes with making a positive difference in someone else’s life.

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