Rescuers Save Dog on the Brink of Death from Tick Infestation

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When you adopt a dog, you take on the responsibility of caring for it. Unfortunately, some individuals either neglect their responsibility or face situations where they are unable to provide for their pet. Consequently, most times, the dog ends up suffering. Fundamental care like deworming and the application of flea and tick preventatives are crucial in ensuring the well-being of our furry friends. However, when Belle, a canine in South Africa, was rescued, she was in a deplorable state. It seemed as though no one had tended to Belle’s needs in quite some time.

One of the members of CLAW stumbled upon Belle and was shocked to find her with numerous bumps all over her body. Upon a closer look, they discovered that those bumps were actually ticks – hundreds of them. Belle was so infested with ticks that she hardly looked like a dog.

Belle had ticks swarming around her eyes and ears, feasting on her blood. The parasites had consumed so much of her blood that she became anemic and could barely walk. Fortunately, the caring volunteers at CLAW swiftly took Belle to a veterinarian for urgent medical attention.

Belle had a problem – she was infested with a lot of ticks. However, the usual method of removing them one by one would cause her to lose a lot of blood. So instead, the vet administered strong anti-parasitic drugs, which paralyzed the ticks and made them drop off Belle. This method was both quick and effective. Once the ticks were gone, the vet then had to help Belle replenish the nutrients she had lost due to malnourishment.

Belle has made a remarkable recovery and is now back to being a typical pet. She has even won the heart of a kind woman who has decided to take her in as a permanent member of her family. Belle’s condition was critical when she was rescued, but today she is thriving and enjoying a happy, healthy life in a loving home.

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