“Sisterly Love and Comfort: A Touching Story of a Final Moment”

At the temple, two newborn puppies were discovered abandoned and left to fend for themselves. One of the puppies, a black one, was frail and struggling to survive. The other puppy, a younger sister, was found lying unconsciously on top of her dying sibling, trying to show her love and support in her final moments.

Although the puppies were rescued, unfortunately, the black puppy did not make it. Despite all efforts to save her, she was denied the chance of life and had to be put down to end her suffering. This was a heartbreaking moment for the rescuer, who went above and beyond to try and save her.

The surviving puppy was given the name Willow and was undergoing treatment for skin diseases at the time. At three months old, she weighed just 1.4kg and was about the same height as a bottle of wine. Despite her small size, she showed immense strength and resilience in her fight for survival.

The devastation caused by fungi and bacteria was just the beginning of Willow’s struggle. A week later, she lost feeling in her front legs and suffered from a painful cramp that lasted for three minutes. Her condition deteriorated rapidly, pushing her to the brink of death. Fortunately, many prayers were offered at the last minute, which saved her from an untimely demise.

Upon discovering Willow’s plight, the woman who found her rushed her to the nearest veterinarian. The vet administered an intravenous injection and discovered that Willow’s body temperature was alarmingly low, and her heartbeat was weak. Furthermore, her limbs were cold as ice and had turned a purple hue.

As she lay on a heat pad, convulsing in pain, the doctor and the woman who found her discussed Willow’s quality of life. It was clear that she was in intense agony, and her future seemed bleak. Witnessing her suffering was heart-wrenching for both of them.

The medical professionals had intended to put her down so that she could spread her wings and fly over the rainbow. Nevertheless, the individual who saved her had a change of heart at the last minute, and it was definitely the right decision.
After taking top-quality anti-seizure medications before sleeping, she woke up the next day and had some organic bone broth and royal jelly. The amazing thing was that all four screws were still in working order, and there was no additional harm.
Willow has been having a great time since being rescued 2.5 weeks ago. She has recuperated well from scabies, malnourishment, and various other illnesses, and she is now ready to go to her forever home.
On bright afternoons, she enjoys rubbing her belly and hiding her face. Willow isn’t a fan of loud surroundings or people who are overly self-confident.

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