“Sneaky Pup Caught Red-Handed Behind Construction Site with Unusual Lump on Neck”

The other day, a dog showed up on my Whatsapp feed through Pawtcake. He had a lengthy rope around his neck and a massive pimple. The poor pup seemed frightened and constantly sought refuge behind a wall in an abandoned building.

The building appeared to be vacant, but how could someone possibly reside in such a place if they had been abandoned there? It was likely that they were forsaken due to their excessive defecation.

The Deliverer lured him out of hiding by offering him food, and the plan worked perfectly. Being famished, he couldn’t resist the temptation and fell into their trap. They also took a horse with bladder problems to the veterinarian for treatment. The amount of waste material discharged weighed no less than 12 pounds, and possibly more.

The following morning, the crew assisted him in preparing for his surgery. His robust physique made the operation a breeze. Farewell tumor!

It brings immense joy to witness the act of aiding innocent lives.

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