Solitary Kitten Spotted at Construction Zone – Later Joined by Another Feline with Matching Fur Pattern

Employees at a building site observed a lone kitten wandering around. After some time had passed, a second furry feline with the same type of coat came along.

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Squiggy, the adorable kitten, was discovered alone in a construction site parking lot about three months ago. Despite efforts to find its mother or other kittens, nobody else was found. As the cat mom was nowhere to be found, the Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue (MLAR) was contacted for assistance. To provide a secure and healthy start for the tiny kitten, it was brought to MLAR by a kind-hearted individual who volunteered to help. Squiggy was then fostered by Monica, an MLAR volunteer, who gave the kitten her love and care. Another kitten with a similar appearance, fluffy coat, and the same age arrived some days later, which surprised Monica.

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One morning, a city worker found a lone kitten in a Skid Steer front-end loader and reported it to the @murphyslawanimalrescue. The kitten was white with black spots, resembling another kitten found the week before. It is believed that the two kittens are related due to their similarities. The rescue team took the kitten in and provided it with care and affection.

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After a short span of time, a similar-looking kitten was discovered, with the same fluff and the same age as the previous one. However, there was no trace of a mother cat around. The people at Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue wondered if the two kittens were related and decided to arrange a “reunion” to find out more. Monica went to pick up the new kitten and immediately knew that the chances of them being siblings were high. She named the little feline Shirley and could tell right away that she was a snuggly one. Shirley was wrapped up in a cozy blanket and felt safe and cherished.

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Shirley, a furry friend who was rescued by Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue, had the pleasure of meeting Squiggy. Upon their first encounter, Shirley and Squiggy immediately hit it off. They waddled towards each other and began to sniff one another from head to tail. Before long, the two were playfully wrestling as if they had been lifelong buddies. The fun and games continued until they both fell into a peaceful and deep sleep together.

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Once they were reunited, the kittens started snuggling together. According to @murphyslawanimalrescue, the felines have been inseparable since then. They have been playing and cuddling like the best of friends. A team of at least five people worked tirelessly to ensure that the kittens would never be separated again. It’s amazing how quickly they bonded in just a few hours!

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The pair were inseparable, just like two identical peas nestled in a pod. Over at @murphyslawanimalrescue, Squiggy was taking his time figuring out how to play with toys, but Shirley was already showing off her impressive walking and wrestling skills. Squiggy quickly got the hang of eating from a dish, but Shirley still demanded her extra bottle time. Watching them together was a delight, as they rolled and tumbled like two adorable fluff balls in their cozy nest.

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The duo of kittens from Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue had a strong bond that influenced each other’s personalities. Shirley stepped up her game once Squiggy was weaned, determined to always be by her brother’s side during mealtime. As soon as Squiggy mastered the litter box, Shirley followed suit and tried to do the same.

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Shirley prioritizes playtime in her everyday routine while sleep remains at the top of the list alongside her brother. Bringing these two siblings back together has been an incredibly heartwarming experience. It’s amazing to give Shirley the same opportunity for a new beginning that Squiggy received.

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The duo of Squiggy and Shirley from @murphyslawanimalrescue are inseparable and bring happiness to those around them with their wobbly movements. They go together like classic combinations such as peanut butter and jelly or baseball and apple pie. These little balls of joy are a delight to be around.

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As they matured into energetic adolescent felines, they joined their fellow foster kittens in various mischievous activities. In no time, they blossomed into extroverted socialites.

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Shirley, a foster cat, was enjoying the company of her fellow foster, Stanley, under the care of @murphyslawanimalrescue. After growing up, they were eagerly awaiting their forever home. A team effort was required to save these two kittens, but now they can enjoy a lifetime together as Squiggy and Shirley.

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Hey guys, have you heard about Shirley, Squiggy, and their furry friends? If not, let me introduce you to the adorable animals at Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue. Don’t forget to spread the word and follow their Instagram accounts @murphyslawanimalrescue and @kellyfosterkittens for more heartwarming stories.

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