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As I peered into the murky sewage ditch, I spotted a solitary figure lying amidst the garbage. Initially, it appeared to be nothing more than a discarded object, tossed aside and left to rot. However, as I inched closer, my heart sank at the grim reality – it was a dog, struggling to stay afloat amidst the putrid water with her delicate frame. The pungent smell of hopelessness clung to her matted fur, and it broke my heart.

The Animal Aid Unlimited rescue team got a timely call from an informant who had spotted a dog struggling to stay afloat in murky water. The team hurried to the location with heavy hearts, hoping against hope that they would reach in time to save the poor creature.

Upon their arrival, they stumbled upon a heart-wrenching sight – the dog was in an indescribably severe state. The poor creature was submerged in a murky one-foot deep water body, with her nose barely protruding above the surface. She was gasping for air, and each breath was a battle as she struggled to keep her nose out of the water. Bubbles emerging from her nose were silent pleas for help. A sense of urgency filled the air, and had they arrived just five minutes later, it’s possible that the dog would have succumbed to drowning.

As we pulled her out of the filthy sewage, we quickly realized the severity of her injuries. Her body was completely lifeless and her leg was terribly broken. The bones were barely held together by the surrounding tissue. We speculated that she may have been struck by a vehicle and in her agony, sought solace in the water to alleviate the bleeding or dull the ache.

When we reached Animal Aid, we were horrified to find that Phoenix was in a critical condition. We named her Phoenix and examined her straightaway. Her pulse was faint and difficult to detect, and she was hypothermic, with an alarmingly low body temperature. We were concerned that she might not survive the ordeal.

Phoenix faced a critical situation that called for amputation to save her life. Nevertheless, her body was too weak to endure the surgical procedure, making it quite challenging for us. Our mission was to stabilize her, enhance her resilience to survive surgery, and control her pain and infection. Though the task seemed daunting, we were determined not to give up on Phoenix.

Our team dedicated themselves to the task of healing Phoenix and worked tirelessly for several days. We prescribed antibiotics to fight the infection, painkillers to alleviate her discomfort, and essential fluids to strengthen her body. Despite the time constraint, Phoenix proved to be a resilient fighter and held onto life with an unwavering determination, much like the legendary bird she was named after.

After an intense three-day period in intensive care, Phoenix was deemed stable enough to undergo surgery. Her damaged leg was amputated during the successful operation, but the road to recovery was a long one. Countless hours of physiotherapy, medication, and loving care were necessary for her healing process. Despite the challenges, Phoenix faced them all with courage and determination.

Now, Phoenix is a living example of resilience and survival. Her spirit, once weighed down by pain and suffering, now soars high as she navigates life on three legs with grace and joy. Her tail is always wagging, and her eyes sparkle with gratitude and love. The sewage ditch where she was found is now a distant memory, and her new home provides warmth and safety. Phoenix’s story is a powerful reminder of the strength of the will to live, the transformative power of love and care, and the miracles that can emerge from resilience.

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