Surprise Diagnosis: Family Thought Their Cat Was Pregnant, but the Vet Discovered Another Reason for Her Large Belly

Petsdailynews reported that a British aid team recently carried out a cat rescue mission based on information provided by a family. The cat, named Rosie according to the family, was not their pet and had appeared out of nowhere with a noticeably large belly, sparking curiosity among those who encountered her.

Upon closer inspection of Rosie’s abdomen, it was evident that something was amiss, causing the poor dog a great deal of discomfort and pain. Worried for their beloved pet, the family immediately contacted emergency services to seek medical attention. The veterinarian promptly conducted an X-ray, which revealed a tiny microchip embedded in Rosie’s body. Further examination led to the discovery of a foreign object within the dog’s stomach.

The veterinarian used the provided microchip to quickly identify the owner of Rosie, a cat who was previously assumed to be a stray. It turns out that Rosie had been adopted by a family in Yorkshire as a kitten and is now 9 years old. However, she ran away from home 5 months ago due to not getting along with other cats. During an x-ray, it was discovered that Rosie’s stomach contained a whole rat, which was still intact. The vet concluded that the rat was fairly large, indicating that Rosie has a big appetite, and likely swallowed the rat whole, causing her stomach to swell more than usual.

The vet advised against allowing the rat to remain in Rosie’s stomach, as it would cause digestion issues. Therefore, the only solution was to undergo surgery and remove the mouse promptly. The owner gave consent, and the operation was successful. Although it caused some discomfort, Rosie is recuperating nicely and will soon be able to resume her favorite activity of chasing mice without any hindrance.

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