cat with cerebellar hypoplasia

A cute and charming kitten came into the world with wobbly legs, but after leaving the shelter, he quickly became a playful and energetic bundle of joy. A little kitten named Figaro, who was merely six weeks old, was found as an orphan and taken to the Animal Care Centers of NYC. He was weak […]

Meet Samson, the enormous Maine Coon cat who calls New York City his home. This fluffy feline weighs an impressive 28 lbs (roughly 13 kg) and is even larger than some wild bobcats. In fact, many have dubbed him “the largest cat in NYC,” and he may even hold the title for the biggest cat

An adorable orange kitten named Pumpkin was among the lucky feline siblings rescued and nurtured by a loving family. Initially, the family didn’t have any intention of keeping the cute litter, but as they spent more time with them, their hearts melted, and they ultimately ended up adopting two kittens – Pumpkin and his brother,

Introducing Whirlwind Natalie, an adorable and full-of-life special needs kitten residing in Minnesota, searching for her forever home. This charming feline has overcome numerous hurdles and remains unwaveringly optimistic. Kris Kaiser, Natalie’s foster mom, shares about the remarkable kitty in the following account. @whirlwindnatalie’s Origin Story One day, while browsing through a Facebook group dedicated

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