cat with wrinkles

Upon initial observation, it’s difficult to distinguish this fluffy bundle as a furry Shar Pei pup. Harvey, a 6-month-old pet belonging to Teresa Moll Arguimbau, age 22 hailing from Menorca, Spain, closely resembles a neatly folded blanket due to his incredibly soft fur. Harvey is a one-of-a-kind dog whose appearance sets him apart from other […]

Upon initial inspection, this fluffy bundle resembles a cozy throw rather than a canine. Allow us to introduce Harvey, a 6-month-old Shar Pei pup with velvety fur. His adoring owner, Teresa Moll Arguimbau, hails from the picturesque island of Menorca in Spain. Harvey, with his distinct appearance, enjoys being pampered from head to toe, with

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