child hunger

A video of a tiny puppy experiencing a heart-wrenching moment has been circulating on social media. The little pup was seen crying and choking while eating because he had been without food for multiple days. It’s a mystery as to why this adorable pooch is all on his lonesome, with no place to call home […]

Oh, how heartbreaking! A small puppy was found fast asleep right in the middle of the street and almost got crushed by a passerby. As the woman lay in the middle of the road, her condition was critical. She felt hopeless and longed for someone to come to her aid. Her exhaustion, weakness, and hunger

Approximately a year ago, Russia invaded Ukraine and initiated a war that has resulted in the displacement of millions of people. Unfortunately, this conflict has also led to the abandonment of numerous pets. As per the images shared by the Love Furry Friends YouTube channel, the poor animal was left tied up and deserted. Thankfully,

The other day, a dog showed up on my Whatsapp feed through Pawtcake. He had a lengthy rope around his neck and a massive pimple. The poor pup seemed frightened and constantly sought refuge behind a wall in an abandoned building. The building appeared to be vacant, but how could someone possibly reside in such

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