“The Enormous and Affectionate Feline Pal Who Stands Tall as My Child’s Playmate”

This enormous feline is a true mountain climber! Yuliya Minina, a resident of Stary Oskol, Russia, firmly believes that her 3-year-old Maine Coon cat, Kefir, is the largest cat on the planet. She showcases Kefir’s unforgettable size in photographs and videos that she shares on Instagram and TikTok. One immensely popular video on her Instagram page, which has garnered over 2,000 likes, shows Kefir standing on his hind legs and deftly opening a door handle to venture outside. Later, he sprawls out in the grass like a gigantic caterpillar before settling into a reclining chair and scaling a tree. Fans of cats cannot resist stopping by and leaving their thoughts on this amazing content!

Cat stands on his hind legs next to 4-year-old girl.

This cat is really tall, almost as tall as a four-year-old little girl.

Yuliya Minina poses with her cat Kefir as he sits in the window.

Introducing Kefir, a stunning cat of the Maine Coon breed!

Kefir wears sunglasses and a black shirt as he sits behind the wheel of a car.

It appears that Kefir has set his sights on becoming the biggest cat in the world! A recent Instagram post by @yuliyamnn showcases the stunning appearance of this feline.





One person expressed their admiration with a “Wow!” and another complimented Kefir’s intelligence. Minina shared a video on her Instagram account a year ago where Kefir was seen towering over her 4-year-old child while helping out in the kitchen.

Meet Kefir, the majestic cat whose name is inspired by the smooth and creamy milk drink. With his striking white fur, Kefir stands tall and proud, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who meets him. Although it’s unclear exactly how big Kefir is now, he made headlines in 2022 when he was just two years old and already weighed an astonishing 28 pounds – that’s more than the average Maine Coon or even a young child! For comparison, male Maine Coons typically weigh around 18 pounds, while females weigh around 12 pounds. These magnificent cats can reach up to three feet in length, including their tail.

In 2022, Minina expressed her surprise at how a seemingly ordinary kitten like Kefir could mature into such a massive cat. She added that Maine Coons have the ability to keep growing for three to four years, suggesting that Kefir may still have some growing left to do and could potentially become even more colossal.

Kefir takes a mirror selfie.

Kefir exhibits similarities to human behavior.

Kefir sits in a chair and wears big headphones.

The individual who owns Kefir is really fond of seizing the cute moments of their pet and sharing them with others on social media. Often, they upload snapshots of their lovely companion for their audience to appreciate.

Kefir stands on his hind legs against a cabinet with cat food on top.

Minina’s cat, Kefir, has a special talent for standing on his hind legs and grabbing things with ease. This playful feline often gets mistaken for a dog due to his friendly personality and kind nature. Despite his intimidating size, Kefir is a loving and unassuming pet who has grown into a giant and intelligent companion. However, his large size can pose a challenge when it comes to cuddling and sleeping with Minina as he tends to climb on her and make her uncomfortable with his weight. While this was not an issue when he was a kitten, it has become problematic now that he is fully grown. Feel free to share your thoughts on Kefir in the comments below.

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