The Fusion of Nature and Modernity: Experience Balinese Jungle Villas

These exquisite villas situated in Bali, Indonesia offer a harmonious blend of contemporary design and natural surroundings. Designed by Illya Kovalchuk, these villas boast a chic finish using a range of organic materials such as wood, stone, and rattan. The combination of these materials creates a cozy atmosphere while maintaining a luxurious look. The first villa features an impressive vaulted ceiling with exposed wooden beams and large glass walls that allow stunning views of the surrounding jungle from all angles. The second villa is a linear structure with a central courtyard filled with lush greenery. The third villa is nestled in the verdant jungle and boasts a fabulous rooftop terrace adorned with palm trees. Lastly, a glamorous villa infused with gold accents, jewel tones, and modern slatted wooden ceilings provides a lavish retreat.

Our first stop is the Bud Villa, a lavish villa in Bali that exudes a tropical vibe with its beautiful vaulted ceilings and visible beams. The space is adorned with several pendant lights made of wicker in varying sizes, hanging gracefully from the rafters, complemented by two ceiling fans for added comfort.

The lounge area is made cozy and inviting by the presence of an L-shaped sofa adorned with tufting. The softness of the sofa is further accentuated by layers of textured throws and plush cushions. A spacious rug adds warmth to the cool tiled floor, creating a comfortable sanctuary for relaxation.

A cozy touch has been added to the room with a round rug made of natural jute. Placed by the window is a comfy pouf that offers an ideal spot to sit and admire the breathtaking views of the sprawling treetops. Moreover, the pouf can also be used as a footrest for the adjacent couch whenever required.

The inspiration for the circular motif in this space came from a stunning window that sits above the kitchen area.

The circular-shaped window acts as a frame for the picturesque scenery of the jungle, reminiscent of a beautifully crafted painting.

In the expansive and breezy space, a slender foundation supports a kitchen island crowned with smooth stones, enhancing its visual appeal.

On the terrace, there are some chaise lounge chairs for outdoor relaxation that overlook a beautiful swimming pool. The surrounding area is seamlessly blended with the property through the lush green plants growing against the perimeter wall.

The pitched roof of the villa adds to its charm and character, while the eaves are fitted with a sizable wall of glass that perfectly complements the overall design.

The contemporary exterior design of this villa features a unique front entrance that breaks the linear pattern and stands tall above the roofline.

The flat roof extends outwards to create a delightful shade for the outdoor seating areas, shielding them from the scorching Balinese sun. This overhang also acts as a natural cooling solution for the indoor spaces.

Towards the rear end of the estate lies an alluring swimming pool that radiates a soft blue hue.

Blending indoor and outdoor living areas has become a popular trend, creating a seamless transition between the two and allowing for a free flow of daily activities without any defined limits.

The contemporary lounge area is enhanced by a generously sized rug that adds a gentle touch of comfort to the overall ambiance. The focal point of the room is a Buddha statue, which takes center stage atop an ornate sideboard originating from Indonesia.

The luxurious villa boasts a centrally located verdant garden that promotes air circulation throughout the property.

Transform your space into a peaceful sanctuary with throw pillows, poufs, and an enchanting Buddha statue. Combine it with the calming influence of nature to create the perfect atmosphere for meditation, introspection, and relaxation.

The area between the kitchen and dining rooms is adorned with a pair of cozy lounge chairs facing an awe-inspiring view of the courtyard.

The bedroom is designed in a serene style, but with a pop of colour brought by a lively red accent chair. To add a touch of coziness come nighttime, floor lamps are strategically placed around the room, providing a warm and gentle lighting scheme.

Incorporating a brick arch in your bathroom can add a unique and attention-grabbing element to the space. This could be complemented by using terracotta colors throughout the decor. To further enhance the aesthetic, a round mirror that fits perfectly within the arch’s curve can be added.

A bathroom feature wall houses a terracotta vanity unit that gives an impression of protrusion. The glossy black marble pedestal sink creates a bold contrast to the overall design.

A layout for a villa.

The Cascade Villa is a contemporary building that blends seamlessly into the dense jungle surroundings. The lush greenery is punctuated by palm trees that sprout from the spacious roof terrace of the lower level.

The modern design features walls made entirely of glass that can be opened up to provide an airy and spacious atmosphere.

The villa boasts a rectangular swimming pool that reaches out to blend with the surrounding natural beauty.

The modern sunloungers are covered in soft fabric and provide a comfortable place to relax while enjoying the stunning view of the jungle.

The pool deck is covered by the shade of drooping palm tree fronds.

A circular campfire glows with an enchanting radiance.

The living room of the villa boasts a striking black stone wall, but it’s not without a touch of contemporary flair thanks to the modern wall sconces. Meanwhile, the textured beige stucco adds to the room’s natural charm and complements the lofty ceiling.

Let’s take a peek at the layout of the ground level!

Diagram of the lower level layout.

The last Balinese villa design for the jungle boasts a chic and modern exterior made of white stone in a linear style.

A container for plants that is placed outdoors nurtures lush green foliage that contrasts beautifully with the light-colored exterior.

The interior of the room has a refreshing white theme with dashes of red to add warmth. A rattan vase placed on the floor brings in an earthy element, while a set of three floor lamps illuminates the opposite end of the TV wall.

A crimson rug in the living area perfectly matches with a ceiling rose that is color-coordinated.

Adding a sizable piece of artwork to your wall can bring a pop of color and liveliness to your space. In particular, incorporating a vibrant shade of green can offer an exciting contrast to your decor.

The modern look of the high-end residence is enhanced by the use of wooden slats on both the ceiling and walls.

The golden glow emanating from the kitchen island illuminates the entire area.

The kitchen island has a dining table attached to its end, making it a perfect spot to watch TV while enjoying your meals.

With a stunning jungle view, the bathroom is designed with a unique layout that positions a standalone bathtub right beside the scenery. To add a touch of sophistication, a striking chandelier hangs from the ceiling above the tub, creating a chic and glamorous ambiance.

The posh bathroom is fitted with an interesting double sink vanity design that includes both a sunken basin and a surface-mounted vessel basin. This unique arrangement offers both style and convenience, especially for those who have varying heights or special accessibility requirements.

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