The Heartwarming Story of a Cat’s Resilience in Finding a Forever Home: A Second Chance at Love

Cat So Sad After Being Surrendered Twice But Finds Humans He loves and Won’t Let Go

Meet Aslan, a charming ginger cat who had a difficult beginning as he was surrendered twice, causing him to feel down and confused. Fortunately, he eventually found a family that he bonded with and held on to tightly, unwilling to let them go. Aslan is truly one of a kind!

The Here Kitty Kitty Rescue, based in Elkhart, Indiana, is an organization that specializes in rescuing abandoned animals and assisting them in finding new homes. One of their most recent success stories involved a charming ginger cat named Aslan. He was brought to the shelter by his previous owners who could no longer care for him. This lovable feline is known for his affectionate personality and enjoys being showered with attention from humans. The rescue group shared Aslan’s pictures on their Facebook page, and he was quickly adopted within a few days. Unfortunately, the adoption did not work out as planned, and Aslan is still searching for his forever home.

Here Kitty Kitty Rescue, a non-profit organization, recently shared a touching tale about Aslan the cat. Sadly, his adoptive family returned him to the shelter, but the rescue didn’t blame the feline for it. They remained committed to finding Aslan a forever home. Despite feeling disoriented and abandoned yet again, Aslan’s saviors never lost faith and held onto the belief that good things come unexpectedly.

Kristi Curtis reached out to Here Kitty Kitty Rescue about Aslan, a cat that had been surrendered twice. Kristi had been following Aslan’s story and was already an adopter of one of the rescue’s cats. After watching a video featuring Aslan, her family fell in love with the ginger feline. When Kristi found out that Aslan had been surrendered again, she knew she had to step in and rescue him.

On the next day, the writer and her child went to pick up Aslan from the rescue center. When they arrived, the ginger feline immediately showed love and stayed close to them. During their drive home, Aslan even managed to break free from his carrier and rested on the daughter’s lap. The author was overjoyed to have Aslan as a new addition to their household.

According to Kristi Curtis, they were able to connect with the previous family who looked after Aslan for a year before he was given up. The family was delighted to know that Aslan is now in good care and they can still keep track of his whereabouts and updates. Curtis also shared some heartwarming information about Aslan, including his love for milk carton rings and his tendency to cry at closed windows during winter because he prefers them open.

Kristi Curtis mentioned that Aslan is a loving feline who adores snuggling up with his humans. Kristi claimed that Aslan finds pleasure in resting on people’s feet and getting his belly rubbed. As a matter of fact, he even stretches out on the ground to get more belly rubs. Furthermore, Aslan has a unique meow that Kristi characterizes as a high-pitched sound.

Kristi Curtis had a touching anecdote to share about a feline named Aslan, proving that adopting pets is vastly superior to buying them. Aslan’s tale is truly incredible! Click on the link to hear his adorable, high-pitched meow.

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