“The Heavenly Coat of Fluffy Feline Captivates Social Media”

The fluff on this adorable kitty may just be enough to make you feel like you’re floating on cloud 9.

Sky, the Ragdoll cat, is a fluffy ball of fur from his ears to his tippy toes. His fluffiness makes him look twice as big as he actually is. This lovable feline enjoys lounging on his owner’s bed and resembling a massive, fluffy pillow. Additionally, he loves snuggling into a sink with his magnificent fur overflowing the rim. Follow his adventures on Instagram @ sky_the_ragdoll. Sky’s determination knows no bounds, and he’s always finding inventive ways to achieve his goals, including using his fluffy paws to uncork a bottle.

Imagine receiving a warm embrace from a fluffy cloud!

What’s his usual way of relaxing and unwinding?

His legs aren’t small, it’s just that his coat is so thick and full that it makes it appear that way!

Let’s give that cute little belly a nice rub!

What a great match!

The sky blends in with the bedding, creating a camouflage effect.

It can be quite challenging to determine the starting point of the fluffy thing.

A fluffy cloud is peacefully dozing off in the cozy chair.

Oh, that fabulous head of hair!

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Source: lovemeow.com

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