The Joy of a Blind Dog: After 8 Long Years, He Finally Gets His Own Bed.

Stevie’s life took a turn for the better when he was rescued from a backyard in South Carolina where he had been chained up for eight long years. The kind folks at Lancaster County SPCA along with other animal rescue organizations, including Diamonds in the Ruff from New York, took care of him and another dog named Wonder. Upon learning about Stevie’s ordeal, Diamonds in the Ruff knew they couldn’t leave him behind and welcomed him into their own rescue community.

When Stevie first arrived at Diamonds in the Rough, he was faced with a multitude of challenges. As a visually impaired pup, he also suffered from fleas and worms, causing his fur to fall out. After a careful examination, vets discovered an old corn cob lodged in his intestines, which required surgery to remove. Stevie’s foster family had to be patient as he adjusted to his new loving home. Erin Boyd, his foster mom, shared how he growled and barked during their journey home, but they soon realized he was only trying to protect himself. Upon arrival, Stevie was hesitant to leave his box, and his new family was cautious, taking into consideration his condition and unfamiliarity with them.

Stevie’s foster family noticed that his physical and mental health were improving, which led him to become more outgoing. This transformation from a timid doggo to a lovable and friendly furry friend was heart-melting for them. They felt delighted to see Stevie experiencing many “firsts,” including the thrill of sleeping in his very own bed for the first time.

Since they knew that Stevie had never had a comfortable bed before, they ensured that he had one. As soon as Stevie felt the softness beneath his paws, he was overjoyed and started jumping up and down with excitement.

Every time Stevie spots a dog bed, his joy knows no bounds and he breaks into a small jig. He is thrilled to have something that’s solely meant for his comfort and he likes flaunting it to everyone nearby. According to Boyd, Stevie hops around, spends some time playing with a toy, and then dozes off in utter blissfulness.

It’s truly amazing to witness Stevie’s remarkable adaptation to his new foster home, despite his blindness. Boyd is in awe of his intelligence and how quickly he learned to navigate the house. He has free rein of the backyard, garage, and even handles the three stairs leading up to the house with ease. Stevie is no stranger to rewards and knows exactly where to wait for his treat before jumping onto Boyd’s bed using the small circular ottoman. Not only is he a lover of cuddles and walks, but he also enjoys chomping on squeaky toys and showering his human friend with affectionate kisses.

Stevie is on the hunt for a new forever family who will love him for who he is. He’s a one-of-a-kind pup and he knows it! The ideal household for Stevie is one without any other pets, where he can get all the attention and care he deserves. Sadly, Stevie didn’t receive the love and affection he needed during his first eight years of life, so he’s really looking for someone who can make up for lost time. Boyd, Stevie’s advocate, thinks the perfect match would be someone who enjoys snuggling with him on the couch, going for walks together, and showering him with lots of love. Although Stevie has had some tough experiences, he still has a positive outlook on life and truly appreciates the cozy dog beds he has to sleep in and all the people who adore him.

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