“The Magnificent Persians of the ’12 Cats Lady’: Awe-Inspiring Feline Beauty”

“12 Cats Lady” Has Everyone In Awe With Her Majestic Persian Cats

Michelle proudly identifies herself as a “full-time cat mom,” as she owns 12 adorable Persian cats. She regularly shares snippets of her life with these feline friends on Instagram, stating that she doesn’t care about people’s opinions regarding the number of cats she has because it makes her happy. Michelle is smashing the “crazy cat lady” stereotype, and she reminisces on how it all began. It began when she met her first cat, Yuki, on December 30, 2010, and rescued her from the middle of the road where she found her dirty and freezing. Later on, Michelle adopted two chinchilla Persians from an adoption site because she couldn’t choose between them. This initially led to three cats, but with time, the other nine were their kittens!

stunning persian cats in the garden

The owner of 12 cats, known as 12catslady, has given her feline friends adorable names including Karu, Kaya, Yuki, Goodie, Momo, Tiger, Shou, James, Yuri, Ai, Bruce, and Blackie. Ever wondered how she gets them all to pose for a picture at the same time? Well, her trick is to wave their favorite feather toy and call out the names of those who are not paying attention. It’s a clever way to capture cute moments with all of her furry companions.

Persian cats on the kitchen element

Wow, taking care of so many cats must be quite the task!

the girl is playing with her persian cats that are on the table

I wonder how Michelle manages to accomplish anything with her lovely bunch of feline friends around.

Persian cats on the desk

According to 12catslady, owning 12 cats may be perceived as adorable and awesome by some people, but others may find it strange and even call the owner crazy. Regardless of what others think, Michelle is content with her fur babies and doesn’t let other people’s opinions bother her.

Persian cats in an enclosure

According to 12catslady, taking care of a lot of cats can be quite challenging. The toughest part of the job, as revealed by Michelle, who takes care of these felines, is grooming. Keeping their eyes clean is especially difficult and requires a lot of effort.

Persian cats are sitting and looking at the camera

Feeding time for cats can also be quite tricky. Michelle has mastered the art of knowing each cat’s hunger level and adjusts their servings accordingly. She is well-aware of the big eaters and makes sure to fill their bowls up to avoid any food stealing incidents among the felines.

Persian cats eat from their bowls

Don’t fret about the possibility of more cats popping up in their household. 12catslady, Michelle, guarantees that all of her furry friends have been neutered and spayed, eliminating the likelihood of any future litters.

Persian cats sit on a scratching post

Michelle’s household has a unique and interesting bedtime routine.

Persian cats are lying on the bed

heartwarming tale is available for sharing with your pals. If you’re interested in seeing additional content featuring the “12 Cats Lady” and her adorable feline companions, be sure to browse her page.

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