“The Majestic Smile of a Rescued Greyhound: A Heartwarming Tale”

Joe, the adorable greyhound, has captured the affection of numerous people with his distinctive smile that displays a set of teeth that look strikingly human-like. Kerry Elliman, the creator of Birmingham Greyhound Protection in England, affirms that Joe’s endearing overbite is the primary reason for his comical appearance. His teeth protrude more than half an inch from his mouth, resembling actual teeth.


Dog with big teeth lounging on the couch

Meet Joe, a graceful greyhound who was saved from the racing industry in Spain and is now being looked after by Birmingham Greyhound Protection. At the moment, he is residing with a foster family and adjusting to his new life as a pet. Elliman reports that Joe is a little shy right now, but this is only because he is still learning how to be a companion animal. He enjoys going for walks and snoozing, just like any other greyhound. However, he is still trying to get the hang of his bed – during his first few days, he kept tumbling off it and ended up with his head on the floor.


Dog with protruding teeth

Birmingham Greyhound Protection is a group that strives to safeguard and rescue greyhounds that require help. Joe, one of their rescues, is presently being taken care of by a devoted caretaker who is eager to display his distinctive character. To emphasize Joe’s amusing and attractive grin, his foster mom captured some snapshots and sent them to Elliman. These images are both uplifting and amusing, demonstrating that Joe is an exceptional canine.


Greyhound with his head sliding off the end of his bed

Elliman, a member of Birmingham Greyhound Protection, shared photos on their exclusive Facebook group showcasing Joe’s happy smile. To add some humor, the pictures were placed alongside images of the legendary singer Freddie Mercury, who also had an overbite like Joe. This amusing comparison proved to be quite popular with people as they couldn’t get enough of the two. Elliman mentioned that even though Joe had a tough life, he wanted to bring some joy and laughter to others. Some individuals did point out Freddie Mercury’s dental problems, but Elliman believes that the late singer wouldn’t find it offensive. Instead, this lighthearted moment brought happiness to many people.


Black greyhound being walked on a leash

The Birmingham Greyhound Protection group recently revealed that Joe, a greyhound with an irregular bite, only faces challenges when it comes to reaching for his food from the corners of his serving dish. As per Elliman, who looks after Joe, the pup is a charming individual and gets along well with other canines as well as children. They even speculate that Joe’s unconventional look may bring him some good luck, making him an ideal pet for any household.


Dog with protruding teeth

Elliman, who works with Birmingham Greyhound Protection, revealed that black greyhounds are usually the ones that face difficulty in getting adopted. However, a recent post featuring a black greyhound has garnered a lot of attention due to a distinctive feature. The foster mom shared pictures of the dog’s teeth with Elliman, who believes that these adorable pictures will help the dog find a loving home.

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