“The Remarkable Journey of a Resilient Cat: From Being Returned Multiple Times to Finding Her Forever Home”

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After being returned numerous times, a cat was left to roam the streets as a stray. However, after some investigation into her past, rescuers were able to locate an ideal forever home for her.

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Last year, a Community Cat Club volunteer stumbled upon a stray cat in their South Jersey neighborhood. Unable to locate an owner in the area, they brought the friendly feline in for a microchip scan. Although the cat was adopted from a shelter, the previous owner couldn’t be reached. As a result, the cat, now named Monica, was put up for adoption. With a vibrant personality and boundless energy, Monica quickly caught the attention of potential adopters.

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Last year, Monica was discovered wandering outside as a stray by the Community Cat Club. She was soon adopted, however, despite their best efforts, Monica began exhibiting behavioral issues despite being in great physical health. Her adopters tried different approaches to make her feel comfortable, but sadly, none of them have worked so far.

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The Community Cat Club faced difficulties in taking care of Monica, who had several behavioral issues at home. Despite their efforts for almost a year, Monica’s troubles persisted, ultimately leading to her return to the club. To uncover the root cause of her problems, the club’s president, Sara Sharp, closely examined Monica’s past.

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The Cat Club in our community was able to reach out to the shelter where Monica came from and gather more details about her. Apparently, Monica had been returned several times due to issues with using the litter box and behavioral problems. Her tendency to avoid using the litter box and continually attempting to escape from the house was a major issue. Furthermore, her once friendly nature deteriorated as she continued to stay indoors.

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At Sickler’s Circle View Farm, our main objective is to find safe and secure indoor homes for our cats. However, we understand that some of our feline friends prefer the great outdoors. This was the case with Monica who enjoyed the freedom of being outside but still craved human affection and company. Determined to find the perfect home for her, Sara searched high and low for a place where Monica could thrive, receive top-notch care, and plenty of attention from compassionate people.

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Sara was informed by a friend that Sickler’s Circle View Farm was searching for a “social barn cat.” Upon hearing this, she thought that Monica would be the perfect fit for the job. When Monica arrived at the farm, it had been almost a year since she was saved by a volunteer. The confident feline promptly made her way towards people and explored the area as if she owned it.

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At Sickler’s Circle View Farm, they recently welcomed a new addition to their family in the form of an adopted furry friend. Since her arrival in April, she has been showered with love and attention from her new family as well as customers who visit the farm store. Monica, as she is affectionately called, seems to be thriving in her new surroundings. She has taken on the responsibility of greeting customers and patrolling the property with her tail held high. When the sun is shining, she enjoys lounging around and soaking up some sun rays. Monica seems to have found her true calling at the farm and is loving every bit of it!

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Monica enjoys welcoming customers to Sickler’s Circle View Farm shop. According to Rachel, who left a comment on Instagram, Monica’s personality is an ideal match for the job. After experiencing several homes in just two years, Monica has finally found her forever home. Her presence brings happiness not just to her family but also to everyone she encounters.

farm cat monica

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