The Resilient Pooch: A Tale of Survival and Compassion amidst Hunger and Neglect

The AMA Animal Rescue Organization (USA) volunteers are still puzzled as to how Nanuk, the dog they rescued, managed to survive. She was found in a garbage bag, left to die like ordinary trash by her heartless previous owner.



Upon arrival at the shelter, Nanuk was in a dire condition, prompting concerns for her survival. Marije Vlasova, co-founder of AMA Animal Rescue, recounted the rescue and revealed that it was almost a miracle that Nanuk was still alive. The dog was discovered by the police in a parking lot in the middle of the night, wedged between two vehicles. Medical examinations showed that Nanuk was underweight and had likely been confined in a small and cramped space, leading to muscle atrophy in her legs. Her physical appearance bore the brunt of her suffering, with infected sores on her paws indicating extended periods of lying on hard ground, perhaps covered in her urine and unable to move. Additionally, she was severely dehydrated.


Although Nanuk had been through a lot, she possessed an inherent gentleness. Those who knew her could attest to her sweet disposition, despite her initial wariness towards strangers. Once she picked up your scent, she was all about snuggles and affection. Sadly, it was clear that Nanuk had experienced mistreatment and cruelty for an extended period of time.


Nanuk is currently being taken care of by responsible individuals who are ensuring she receives the appropriate treatment. However, it may take a while before she fully recovers, particularly when it comes to gaining back her body weight. According to Marija Vlasova, “We should feed her gradually, multiple times a day,” as Nanuk seems to be always famished and weak. Despite all the challenges she has faced, Nanuk’s resilience and determination to survive are truly remarkable. The volunteers from AMA Animal Rescue have showered her with love, compassion, and attention that gives her hope for a brighter future.


There are countless dogs and cats all over the world that suffer from abuse and abandonment on the streets. Nanuk’s story is a prime example of this heart-wrenching reality. However, her rescue and road to recovery should serve as a symbol of hope and inspire us all to take action in making the world a more humane place for all animals. As her health improves, the bond between Nanuk and her caregivers deepens, reminding us of the profound connection between humans and animals. Sharing her story can raise awareness about animal welfare issues and promote responsible pet ownership. It can also encourage people to report cases of animal cruelty and neglect and push for stronger laws to protect them. Most importantly, Nanuk’s journey can remind us of the transformative power of empathy and determination, urging us to extend kindness and care to both animals and humans in need.

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