The Rise of a Feisty Feline: From a Few Days Old to Living Life to the Fullest

The kitten’s incredible strength and resilience at such a tender age left everyone in awe. And now, this feline never ceases to enjoy life to the fullest.

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Mila, a sweet and precious grey and white kitten, had a tough start in life. Sadly, her mother passed away during her birth leaving her as the only survivor. The poor little kitten was taken to the pound where she was discovered by Marie, who is the founder of One Cat At a Time. At just three days old, Mila was the size of a newborn and required constant care, nourishment, and affection to survive. Despite her small size and lack of a mother, Mila demonstrated immense strength and determination to thrive. Fortunately, Marie and her team were contacted to help the kitten, and they named her Mila.

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As she snuggled with her sheep mama, the little kitten drifted off to a peaceful slumber. The kind folks at One Cat At a Time couldn’t help but notice how defenseless Mila was without her mother’s care. To ensure that she received the necessary nurturing, they promptly set up an incubator for her and provided a sheep plushy with a beating heart for comfort. Mila eagerly snuggled on top of the fluffy toy and kneaded away. Without access to colostrum from her mother’s milk, Mila’s immune system was compromised, making her all the more vulnerable.

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Mila greeted the world, ready to take it on. She was a single kitten in her litter, which was not ideal for survival as kittens tend to fare better with a companion. However, Mila defied the odds and immediately took to the bottle, eagerly drinking the formula without hesitation. Her tenacity during mealtime was admirable and nothing would hinder her appetite.

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Mila, the adorable kitten, was resourceful with the limited resources available to her. She would move around her cozy bed to locate the perfect spot to snuggle with her sheep mother. Her foster family was astonished by her unwavering strength and abilities. As soon as she opened her eyes, Mila started vocalizing herself more during mealtime. She made sure to stuff her tummy before lying on her back and dozing off in the warmth of her blankets, completely carefree.

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Taking Care of a Kitten
Mila, a kitten who needed extra attention, was given an incubator to keep her warm and a motherly sheep to care for her. Thanks to round-the-clock care, Mila didn’t just survive but thrived as a bottle-fed baby. Soon enough, she was moved to a larger playpen where she could practice her cat skills and play without any worries.

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At this stage, Mila’s true character started to show itself. She became a playful and fearless kitten, enjoying toys and cat trees. She would playfully attack any soft toy in sight, putting up a good fight. When she came across the resident dog, she confronted it confidently, exhibiting an imposing presence.

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Taking it Slowly with Every Feline
As Mila embarked on a new journey, it became evident that finding a family with an equally energetic companion was imperative.

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As soon as Mila, also known as Kimchi, arrived at her new abode, she effortlessly adapted to her surroundings and immediately captured the hearts of everyone residing in the household, including Stella, the family’s dog. In a mere matter of seven days, the duo was inseparable, spending their time playing, cuddling, and napping together without any inhibitions.

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Kimchi, formerly known as Mila, has finally found her soulmate in Stella through the One Cat At a Time program. Despite being an orphan, Kimchi never gave up and proved to be a fighter. Now, she has transformed into a stunning feline and is blessed to have found a loving family to spend her days with.

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