The Untold Story of Abandoned Pups: A Reminder to Give Love and Care to Animals in Need

A heart-wrenching tale of puppies that were left uncared for, with matted fur, suffering from mange and distended bellies. The unfortunate pups were discovered in Yeongcheon.

Once upon a time, there was a person who owned some dogs. Unfortunately, they neglected to provide their furry friends with proper sustenance and hydration, leaving them in a pitiful state. It has been reported that the mother dog has given birth to three puppies, but one of the offspring and the mother are not doing well.

These two adorable little pups are in a rather sorry state – they’re both grubby and suffering from mange. But it’s the bloated tummy on one of them that’s really worrying. It’s so sad to see these poor creatures in such poor health. They were found in Yeongcheon and, though there is an owner, they’ve been left to fend for themselves without any sustenance whatsoever. It’s a truly deplorable situation.

It has been reported that the initial birth of three offspring was not successful, as one of them and their mother have gone missing, which is quite disappointing.

The two adorable puppies currently suffer from mange, a skin disease that affects dogs. Apart from that, one of them has an alarming bloated stomach, giving more reason to worry about their health.

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