Thriving Against All Odds: Amaryllis’ Remarkable Journey from Abandonment to Resilience

Amaryllis, a young cat of one year, was left behind with another female cat and ten kittens in a vacant apartment located in the southern region of Chicago by someone. Luckily, Animal Control discovered the felines before they could meet their end, and Feline Friends Chicago came to the rescue and took in Amaryllis, who was in dire need of assistance. Amaryllis had experienced a challenging first year, but her recovery was nothing short of remarkable after having suffered from a severe infection which resulted in the loss of one of her eyes and undergoing surgery.

When rescuers took in Amaryllis, tabby with infected eye, and after surgery

When Amaryllis was taken in by Animal Control, she had a serious respiratory illness that left her blind in her left eye. Unfortunately, the eye was causing her discomfort, so the folks at Feline Friends decided it would be best to have it removed by an ophthalmologist.

cat after eye surgery wears a cone

Following her eye operation, Amaryllis has gained a new perspective on the world. Feline Friends Chicago shared images of the gorgeous marbled tabby after the surgery and noted that she has been thriving since. Amaryllis’ loving and playful nature has been shining through, despite having been abandoned. Her favourite pastime includes cuddling on the couch with her rescuers.

Cat sleeping next to

Amaryllis’ perspective on the world has changed, yet she remains a playful and affectionate creature who loves to snuggle. Filled with boundless energy and affection, she seeks a human companion who will cherish her as a beloved friend.

Amaryllis with foster care provider cuddled up

In a subsequent update, it was mentioned that the feline was friendly and persistent in seeking companionship from people. It’s possible that her traumatic experience influenced her behavior as she preferred staying close to those who nursed her back to health.
The cat displayed a sociable personality and was not at all shy. She eagerly sought human affection and attention, which she welcomed with open paws. Whenever someone came around, she would flop down at their feet and wait patiently until they were ready for her to snuggle up on their lap. Additionally, she had a powerful purr that she was not shy about using to express her contentment.

Kitty sleeping on back in cozy covers

All she wants is to be by your side and she’ll happily trail behind you wherever you go. She’s an absolute gem of a companion, always eager to be near you. And when it’s playtime, she’s all in, chasing after toys with enthusiasm and pouncing on anything that moves.

Amaryllis peeks out of a paper bag

The pictures depict the Amaryllis in a state of relaxation, living a comfortable life and exuding joy as a graceful and cheerful companion.

Amaryllis sits next to a house plant, marbled tabby

As I write this, she might still be in search of her forever home. But there are many other incredible adult cats out there who are also hoping to find a permanent residence where they can thrive and flourish.

Cat sniffing colorful flowers

If you’re in the Chicago region, we highly recommend that you take a look at the lovely felines who are seeking forever homes. In particular, you should check out the dynamic duo of Mike and Will – two incredibly gorgeous bonded brothers! This rescue group relies on the generous help of volunteers to place countless cats in loving homes each month. They also promote fostering as an excellent way to care for pets, such as the charming Amaryllis.

Amaryllis has one eye after surgery

Amaryllis sprawled out on a bed playfully

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