Title: Heartbreaking: Abandoned Dog Suffers Paralysis and Wounds

Initially deserted, this little dog had his hind legs rendered immobile.

This unfortunate dog was left alone with numerous injuries and unable to use his hind legs. Shockingly, his owner left him stranded on the side of the road. Despite his predicament, the dog manages to move around by using his knees, which is a challenging feat.

We provided him with a dose of saline solution from the ocean. We helped him recover his strength. We offered him a snack, but he only ate a small amount.

The following day, the surgical procedure can be scheduled. With each passing day, he gradually improved and was able to move around with greater ease.

The duration of his stay at the veterinary clinic will be quite lengthy. Once he has recovered sufficiently, we will transfer him over to the animal shelter for further care and monitoring.

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