Transformed by Love: How a Neglected Dog Found Happiness and Health

I have a good friend named Lauren Buckley, who has been fostering dogs for the Brown Dog Coalition in Hopkinton, MA for quite some time now. Recently, she shared her heartwarming story on, and I am delighted to share it here with her permission.

One Christmas Eve, while scrolling through Facebook, Lauren stumbled upon a post about two abandoned dogs. The man who found them – now known as Lainey and Frankie – desperately sought help to save these poor creatures.

When he stumbled upon them in a nearby ditch, he was at a loss on how to handle the situation. We had intended to travel during the New Year, but we couldn’t just leave those dogs behind. So, we took them in and waited anxiously for 36 hours until the vet opened, fearful that Lainey wouldn’t make it due to her infections. It was as if she was an extraterrestrial being with her appearance, foul odor, blindness, and constant bleeding all over our sofa.

We were overjoyed to see Lainey not just make it but also flourish in our care. We took her to the vet regularly, gave her antibiotics and ivermectin, and treated her with medicated baths twice a week. Gradually, her infections cleared up, her hair grew back, and her energy was restored. As she recovered, we discovered her true personality – a hilarious and affectionate pup who had never experienced the joys of being a young dog. Finally, Lainey could relish life like a true canine, and that’s precisely what she did, and still does today.

In just a blink of an eye, four months have already passed and our previously smelly and bloated foster dog was already prepared to be adopted by her forever family. It was such a coincidence that our friend, Kelly, was on the lookout for a furry companion at that time.

We were overjoyed when we discovered that Kelly was keen on adopting Lainey. She had been monitoring our updates about Lainey’s growth and development, which thrilled us. We shared further information, photos, and videos with Kelly and her husband, Larry, and they instantly fell in love with Lainey. Consequently, we made preparations for her adoption.
Today, Lainey – who now goes by the name Luna – resides in Georgia with her parents and three feline siblings. She is thoroughly pampered and living the life of a queen, and we couldn’t be happier for her!

We want to express our gratitude towards Brown Dog Coalition from Hopkinton, MA for their assistance in our time of need. When we reached out to them on Christmas Eve, they generously covered all the medical expenses for our pet. The organization rescues numerous dogs and cats annually, mainly from southern states, and provides them with the necessary medical attention, regardless of the cost. We feel privileged to be associated with such a remarkable team of individuals.

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