Unknowingly Charming: Meet the Adorable Puppy Rescued with an Extra Tail on His Head

Canines are famously referred to as
“human’s closest companion”
and they are the perfect companions for us. In the year 2019, a charming golden retriever named Narwhal came into existence, and he is particularly extraordinary. An additional tail sprouted from his forehead, giving him the appearance of an enchanting

Narwhal was discovered outside, in the freezing cold, with another dog. Luckily for him, Rochelle Steffen, the founder of an animal rescue organization located in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, was willing to take him in. Despite being described as “special,” Rochelle did not hesitate to give the puppy a chance at a better life. According to Rochelle, she was made aware of Narwhal’s situation through a social media request for assistance. As a self-proclaimed lover of challenging cases, she eagerly accepted the opportunity to help this little puppy.

When Rochelle met Narwhal, she couldn’t help but fall in love with him. The way he lit up the room with his happiness and wagged his butt tail non-stop made her heart melt. However, Narwhal has a rare birth defect – an extra tail that hangs down like a lock of hair. Despite this, Rochelle has decided not to remove it as there is no medical reason to do so and it doesn’t bother him. Narwhal is currently living with Rochelle and loves cuddles, giving kisses, and romping around with other dogs, especially with the adult dog who was rescued with him and a Chihuahua mix named Ash.

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