“Unleashing Kindness: Meet the Woman Nicknamed ‘Cat Savior’ for Her Selfless Rescue Efforts of Abandoned Persian Cats”

Meet Michelle, a cat mom from Japan who owns 12 adorable Persian cats. While many people may assume that managing 3 or more children can be chaotic, Michelle proves that taking care of 12 cats is not an easy task either. She created an Instagram page called 12 Cats Lady, where she shares pictures of her furry babies with the world.
It all started when Michelle rescued a soaked and freezing abandoned kitten from the middle of the road. She took the kitten named Yuki home and decided to adopt two more Persian cats. The other nine cats are Yuki’s siblings from the same litter. Michelle ensures that all her cats are spayed and neutered to avoid any future kittens.
Despite their strong personalities and neediness, Michelle is completely happy and calls herself a “cat mom.” She wants to break the stereotypes associated with being a cat lady. Want to see how she manages to get all twelve cats to pose for a picture? Just show them their favorite toy made of feathers! Enjoy scrolling through the pictures and don’t forget to share them with your loved ones.

It is recommended that they consume a nutritious meal prior to a photo shoot.

On two occasions

Offering your pets their preferred treats is a great way to keep them happy and satisfied.

Afterwards, they stick to their regular routine – taking a nap in their human’s bed during the afternoon.

Sometimes it’s okay to strike a pose.

During breaks in photo shoots, some games are played.

Afterwards, there’s an additional hour of relaxation.

Let’s take a stroll through the garden and keep an eye out for any feathered friends that may be fluttering about!

Once that task is completed, it’s time to get back to the grind of modeling.

Afterwards, the felines browse through the feedback left by their followers on Instagram. Interestingly, a few of them are even tallying the amount of hearts they’ve received!

Being a famous cat is not easy, but you’ll do anything for your beloved owner.


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