Unleashing the Power of Silent Communication: A Dog’s Story of Perseverance

As soon as the dog caught a glimpse of those who saved him, he mustered all of his remaining energy to show his gratitude by wagging his tail.


On the morning of January 15th, ONG Paraíso dos Focinhos received a report regarding a dog that left them completely stunned. According to the report, a woman discovered the distressed canine on her commute to work. The dog appeared to have been abandoned for quite some time and was unable to stand, eat or respond to the woman’s attempts to communicate with it.


The woman who encountered the frail dog was unable to give it a ride to her workplace, but she did take some photos and recorded a brief video to send to the animal welfare organization Paraíso dos Focinhos. She also provided the dog with her own blanket before departing. As she prepared to leave, the dog wagged its tail, seemingly begging her not to leave it behind.

Thankfully, a rescue team arrived promptly to assist the suffering dog, which was in significant pain and very thirsty.


A blood test was administered to check for any indication of syncope. Due to his inability to eat sufficiently, a blood transfusion was deemed necessary.



The courageous lad managed to put on four pounds within a short span of time, however, he was still unable to stand up and walk properly. They christened her Dega and around the seventh day, she began to develop a healthy appetite. Following three weeks, Dega’s leg had significantly strengthened, though it still remained quite slender and she was unable to run properly.


It has been three months since Luna was rescued, and she has undergone a remarkable transformation. It’s time for her to reunite with the person who saved her. Luna’s journey has inspired everyone who has come across her. Though she cannot speak, her eyes convey the strength of the human spirit, the importance of empathy, and the power of kindness. Luna has shown that it is possible to heal and connect with others without spoken language. As the sun sets over the sanctuary, Luna is surrounded by her new friends, content and joyful. She has overcome her suffering, and her silent communication has touched the hearts of all who have encountered her. Her story is a testament to the fact that love and understanding can overcome adversity and bring hope to those in need.

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