“Unleashing the Ultimate Self-Care Vibes: Get Hooked on the Feline-Fueled Sound of Self-Care Cat Metal”

Anthony Vincent, a YouTube artist known for his viral metal impressionist videos, has found a new way to entertain his audience by mixing heavy metal, humor, and cats. He has always been creative with his music as he turns non-metal songs into metal mashups, but now he has added a feline twist to the mix. His latest song is dedicated to his beloved cat Pyretta, which some fans have dubbed “kittycore” in the comments section. As expected, the addition of a cat in his videos has made them even more meowgical and entertaining.

Anthony Vincent holds his cat to his cheek in purple room via Facebook

Vincent’s video titled “Cute Aggression” took social media by storm in just a little over a month, garnering millions of views. The video features a head-banging song with lyrics about feeling overwhelmed by the cuteness of one’s cat and having an urge to squeeze it. Fans went on to share their own pet videos which were included in the official video. Vincent sings passionately about his love for his cat, expressing his admiration for her adorable face and ears that he loves to pull back.

Anthony Vincent holds Pyretta the cat, metal music

“Pyretta playing the drums,” or “The drummer is Pyretta.”

Vincent with Pyretta and Pyretta on the drums in Cute Aggression metal video

The phenomenon of feeling an overwhelming desire to squeeze something cute has a Filipino word called “gigil” that perfectly describes it. Vincent’s cat gives him such feelings, which he refers to as “cute aggression.” He clarifies that he doesn’t want to cause any harm, but the positive emotions are just too intense. In his hard-driving metal delivery, he expresses his love for his cat by hugging, squeezing, and booping her nose. Vincent’s extreme reaction to cuteness became viral, and he even created Cute Aggression merchandise.

Anthony Vincent wears 'cute aggression' T-shirt, metal cat music

Anthony Vincent showcases impressive musical talent in addition to his humorous songwriting. In a video titled “Rest Up,” he delivers what he calls “self-care metal,” encouraging viewers to take a break and spend time with their cats. Vincent’s unique style injects humor while also providing genuine affirmations for healing. He follows up with another cat-themed song, “My Cat is an Alien,” which relates to a previous article about signs that suggest cats may be extraterrestrial beings. Fans of Vincent’s work can keep up with him on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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