“Unstoppable Jeff: A Siamese Cat with Paralyzed Hind Legs on the Hunt for a Forever Home Filled with Love”

Ashley, the founder of Biscuits and Breadsticks, a California-based animal rescue organization, was moved by a Craigslist post she saw in early December 2020. The post was about a two-month-old Siamese kitten who was paralyzed and rescued from the streets of Studio City, Los Angeles. Despite the special needs of the feline, Ashley was determined to help. She learned that the kitten had been found dragging her legs behind her with maggot-filled wounds on her legs and back, and that a couple named Ramon and Angela had agreed to foster her temporarily.


As Ramon and Angela rushed the rescue kitten to an emergency vet, Ashley enlisted the help of Alison and Julia to drive the little feline from Los Angeles to San Jose. With six hours of driving ahead of them, the two volunteers were happy to split the journey. Ashley, who founded Biscuits and Breadsticks, a non-profit organization that supports special needs kittens, comments on the importance of community support in times like these.


Ashley traveled for six hours to take the kitten to her nearby veterinarian. The vet conducted a thorough examination and discovered that the poor feline had a traumatic injury which had damaged her spine and broken her right femur. Ashley was unsure of the cause but believed it could have been from an encounter with a larger animal or being hit by a car. Despite the injury leaving the kitten with incontinence and hind leg paralysis at just two months old, Ashley has experience caring for paralyzed and incontinent cats like Dapper Dan. She decided to foster the kitten as she believed it could still have an excellent quality of life.


In the beginning, Ashley faced a challenge in selecting an ideal name for her timid and mellow kitten. She experimented with numerous options inspired by The Big Lebowski film before ultimately deciding on the protagonist’s first name.


According to Ashley, naming their pet was a tough task. However, when she looked at her, the first thing that came to her mind was “the mewed abides.” Eventually, they decided on calling her “The Big Lemeowski,” and Ashley even edited her photos by adding small aviators. Over time, the name evolved into “the dude,” then “la duderina,” and finally, they settled on Jeff.


Initially, Jeff was shy and tended to hide in hard-to-reach places, which posed a challenge for Ashley. However, after three months, this charming Siamese kitten has become more outgoing and is now being fostered by Allie, a volunteer with Biscuits and Breadsticks. Although Jeff is paralyzed and requires special care, Allie finds it surprisingly easy to foster her. Jeff’s socialization remains a bit of a challenge since she has to stay in a playpen when unsupervised, but both Ashley and Allie believe that it won’t be long before Jeff gains enough confidence to move independently around the house. Contrary to popular belief, taking care of a special needs kitten like Jeff does not require an excessive amount of time and effort. Jeff’s diaper changes only last a few minutes a day, and she is well-behaved during the process. Ashley believes that anyone can provide a loving home to a special needs kitten like Jeff with a little patience and effort.


Ashley reveals that Jeff’s special attention is just a small part of her daily routine. As a typical cat, Jeff enjoys playing with toys and watching birds on TV. Jeff was discovered abandoned and injured on the streets of Los Angeles over three months ago and is now looking for her forever home. The ideal family for Jeff would include a confident cat or dog to support her in adjusting to her new surroundings. Additionally, her new owners should provide her with the necessary monitoring and routine to ensure her well-being. Due to her shyness around people, Ashley recommends that her new family be patient as she gets accustomed to her new environment.


Once Jeff is adopted and settles into her forever home, she will surely be missed by the staff at Biscuits and Breadsticks. However, her presence has left a lasting impact that will benefit countless special needs cats in the future. Ashley, who was responsible for fostering Jeff, reflects on her experience: “Jeff was the first cat we fostered as part of our new rescue initiative. Thanks to her, we’ve gained access to valuable resources that will enable us to help many more kittens like her down the line.”


Jeff’s tale is a testament to the strength and individuality of every living being, and it serves as an encouragement for us to celebrate these traits. His journey teaches us to see past physical limitations and obstacles, and instead, focus on the unyielding spirit that lies within.
Through Jeff’s experience, we learn about the profound impact that love and empathy can have on the lives of animals with special needs. His forever home will be a haven where he is loved, supported, and given the care and attention he needs to continue spreading his warmth and enthusiasm for life.
Let Jeff’s journey inspire us to appreciate the resilience and capacity for happiness that exists within all creatures. His story reminds us to embrace our differences and recognize the beauty that is revealed when we choose to look beyond physical appearances and into the depths of the soul.

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