“Unstoppable Pup: How a Hit and Run Survivor Found Happiness in a Loving Home, Despite Losing a Leg and an Eye”

Declan, a Shih Tzu who was a victim of a hit and run, had a difficult beginning to his life. Despite the severe injuries he sustained, he has made an impressive recovery and now leads a happy life with his new owner in Miami, Florida. Shanna Proudfit discovered Declan’s story on Instagram and decided to adopt him, even though she wasn’t initially searching for another dog. She stumbled upon his photo while looking for a donation link for Paw Patrol Animal Rescue and Sanctuary, which a friend had posted.

Declan the tripawd

Declan, a dog who lost an eye and a leg in a hit and run, has not let his injuries slow him down. Despite being left on the side of the road for hours after the accident, he was eventually rescued by Paw Patrol and underwent months of rehabilitation before needing his leg amputated. When his new owner, Proudfit, heard his story, she was moved by his resilience and decided to take him home. Now, with over 1,800 followers on Instagram, Declan is proving that being different is okay and that rescue dogs can make perfect companions.

Declan the tripawd

The article showcases pictures of Declan, a one-eyed and three-legged dog living with his owner in Miami. Despite his accident, Declan is full of energy and enjoys playing and running with his adopted siblings. The article also highlights two other heartwarming stories about abandoned dogs finding forever homes. Declan’s owner takes him on adventures and road trips, and he loves playing with squeaky balls and eating treats. The article ends by encouraging readers to share their own pet-related content for a chance to be featured as Pet of the Week.

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