“Veterinarians Captivated by a Shelter Dog’s Surprise Delivery of Multiple Puppies”

The Kentucky Humane Society veterinarians received news about a heavily pregnant female dog that was trapped in an overpopulated shelter in Kentucky. Consequently, they sprang into action to rescue her. After close examination, the vets realized that the poor animal required a C-section surgery to safely give birth. The terrier was named Momma Malone and Dr. Emily Bewley, one of the vets, expressed relief that they got to her just in time. To ensure a stress-free environment, Dr. Bewley took Momma Malone to her own home for delivery.

The canine was returned to the animal shelter for delivery through C-section. During this procedure, she gave birth to 9 puppies in just 20 minutes. The veterinary surgeons were quite astonished since small breed dogs like Momma Malone generally have litters of only 2-5 puppies.

Initially, there were worries that the mother dog might struggle to bond with her newly born puppies. However, those concerns were put to rest as soon as she woke up and immediately assumed the role of a caring and nurturing mother.

Isn’t it amazing that the furry little pups and their mother will be staying at the Kentucky Humane Society until they find their perfect forever homes? Spread the good news with your loved ones!

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