When a Girl Saves a Dying Dog and Shares a Heartbreaking Goodbye Moment

Although the homeless dog was in a critical condition and couldn’t be saved, Sophiane Nacer made a decision to give him the best possible farewell. Hippo, an aged stray who had tumors, was promised by Sophiane that he would experience only love in his final moments. She expressed her determination that Hippo would have the most joyous last day of his life, even if it were only for one day. Sophiane, the 19-year-old creator of Cayleb’s Kindred Senior Dog Rescue, stated this to TODAY.

After a waiting period of five days, Sophiane decided to adopt Hippo from the shelter. The dog’s skin was in terrible condition and it hurt to touch him. Sophiane was unsure of how much pain Hippo could bear, but she knew he still had a chance when she saw his tail wagging. Although he was ailing, Hippo’s determination to experience love and happiness before passing away was evident. To make him happy, Sophiane took him to Starbucks to try their secret menu item called Puppuccino, which is a cup filled with delicious whipped cream that dogs love.

The next day, Hippo was in high spirits and Sophiane decided to take him to a dog park to give him some exercise. Hippo had a blast running around and playing! However, he had a message for his dear friend Sophiane. Despite being an elderly dog in pain, Hippo remained optimistic but knew it was time to say goodbye. He cherished the time spent with Sophiane but was tired and in pain, and it was time to bid adieu.

Sophiane arranged for a specialist in pet euthanasia to visit her residence. The vet had thoughtfully prepared a roasted chicken infused with sedatives for the occasion. The parting meal was enjoyed by Sophiane’s beloved pet, while she remained by his side, until he calmly drifted off into a peaceful final rest.

Although this story is filled with sadness, it ultimately has a positive outcome. A dog who had only experienced pain and hardship was given the opportunity to spend his remaining days feeling cherished and wanted. Let’s hope that all dogs are able to comprehend the amount of love they receive before passing on from this world. Sleep well, Hippo. You were an amazing pup!

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