When a wild monkey held a puppy for three days: An unusual display of animal interaction

Monkeys, while intelligent and sly creatures, can also be a threat to both humans and other animals. They have a natural aggression that can cause harm to anyone who challenges them. As evidenced by a recent viral Facebook post, these animals can become uncontrollable and dangerous in residential areas. Leonald Lu shared his personal encounter with a monkey in Malaysia, which serves as a reminder of their unpredictable behavior.

On September 16, a cute black and white puppy, only two weeks old, was snatched up by a monkey in Taman Lestari Putra, Malaysia. The cheeky primate took the pup to the top of an electricity post. Apparently, this residential area is a common spot for monkeys to grab pets belonging to residents. The little puppy has since been given the name “Saru.”

Leonald Lu reported that a monkey was spotted sitting on a wire with a kidnapped puppy, as evidenced by an uploaded picture. The identity of the dog’s owner remains unknown, but it is assumed that the puppy belongs to one of the housing estate’s residents. The situation has become more serious as monkeys have begun to kidnap pets in addition to stealing human food. On September 16, a wild monkey abducted a two-week-old puppy named Saru and took it to an electricity post in Taman Lestari Putra, Malaysia, where it was held captive for three days. Video footage from another resident shows an intense rescue attempt to save the helpless puppy.

After spotting a dog in danger of being attacked by a wild primate on a tree, three brave individuals decided to rescue the helpless animal without harming both creatures. They strategically threw stones and small pieces of wood in an attempt to frighten the monkey and make it leave the dog alone. However, when their initial efforts proved unsuccessful, they resorted to throwing loud firecrackers on the ground. This move startled the primate, causing it to drop the puppy on some undergrowth before fleeing. Once the rescuers found the cushioned puppy, one of them took it home to examine it for injuries before ultimately adopting it. The video of their heroic efforts is a testament to the power of compassion and quick thinking in emergency situations.

Seen in the photo are the triumphant residents cradling the small pup wrapped in a cover following their triumphant operation to save it.

The video reveals how the locals used firecrackers to produce a loud noise with the aim of frightening the monkey. This scared the monkey and it ended up dropping the puppy into the nearby foliage.

Three locals rushed towards the bushes to search for a lost puppy. After some searching, one of them found the puppy and handed it over to the rest. Cherry Lew Yee Lee, one of the rescuers, noticed that the puppy looked tired and weak, but the monkey that was holding it did not seem to be hurting it. She thought that the monkey might have been treating the puppy as its own baby or friend, which was strange. However, they still decided to save the poor dog because it appeared to be starving. They tried to approach the monkey several times but it would always escape by running up an electricity post and disappearing into the nearby jungle. Once they rescued the puppy, they took it to the vet for a check-up and decided to adopt it since it was healthy. This incident shows that some pets may be taken away by monkeys, although in this case, the puppy was believed to have been taken from a stray dog litter. The Malaysian government receives around 3,800 complaints every year about monkeys causing trouble. Hence, it is important to be cautious in areas where you live, keep your house doors closed, and never leave your pets unattended outside.

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