“When Doggie Dentures Go Missing: A Comical Tale of a Mischievous Pooch”

Have you ever witnessed a dog wearing human dentures? Although fake fangs on humans are not uncommon, this instance is a rare occurrence! A Twitter user named Eunice shared a hilarious story about her family’s dog, Maggie, a few months ago. Eunice’s father wears dentures daily, taking them out only to brush his teeth and sleep. One day, he took a nap and left his dentures by the side of his bed, undetected by anyone. Maggie seized the opportunity and stole the dentures, believing it to be a chew toy. When Eunice’s father woke up and couldn’t locate his teeth, it took him a moment to realize what had happened. The sight of Maggie wearing dentures made Eunice’s dad and coworkers burst out laughing, capturing unforgettable photos in the process!

The dog seemed to be experiencing some discomfort, probably because the dentures didn’t fit well.

Observe her joyous expression as she finally gets to take out her dentures!

Although Maggie’s appearance is comical when she wears her dentures, she is already adorable without them.

Maggie’s humorous tweet entertained many Twitter users who decided to join in on the fun by creating a meme.

Maybe Maggie can ask for another Halloween costume loan from dad next year! For more pictures, be sure to follow Maggie on Instagram once she has her new teeth.

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